Bookkeeping Services – How It Works

Once you have signed up for one of our bookkeeping packages, you will receive an email with 24 hours that explains everything you need to know. This email will also have a short question and answer form that we will need you to fill out so we can understand your business better. We promise it is brief!

Basic Bookkeeping Packages

Level I – Bronze, Level II – Silver and Level III – Gold: Within one week of signing up for your new bookkeeping service, you will receive an envelope from us. Simply take all of your receipts and bills and stuff them into the envelope. Drop the envelope in the mail and once received, the data will be entered into your books. Completed work will be returned, with a new envelope, start the process over again. We enter, check for accuracy and correctly code them into IRS approved categories.

Level I – Bronze and Level II – Silver accounts, you will still need to pay all your bills and invoice your clients through your checking account, make sure you write your check number on bills so we can match.

All sales items will be batched, which means that when we receive a deposit, we will not match the deposits to individual invoices, they will be shown as a batch under a category called sales. For IRS purposes, you should keep copies of all invoices.

At the end of each month, you will receive detailed financial reports.

Level III – Gold: We will pay your vendor payments, by check or through our online bill pay system. The payments will come out of your bank account.

Premiere Bookkeeping Package

You will have the option of customizing your bookkeeping services.

Based on the package you have picked, we will:

Pay vendors:
When we say pay, we mean we will process your vendor payments, monies for vendor payments will come out of your bank account. We are literally not going to pay your vendors with our account, there has been some confusion in this statement.
Invoice clients:
Prepare invoices from your accounting software and send to your clients via email. (Simple invoicing, overly complex invoicing can be performed, but will cost additional)
Pay employees:
Twice a month or biweekly payroll processing, direct deposit only, we will not prepare and send payroll checks
Prepare quarterly payroll reports:
We will prepare and send the prepared form back to you for filing or electronically process your federal payroll reports
Prepare monthly sales tax reports:
We will prepare and send the prepared form back to you for filing.
Batch your deposits:
We will match deposits to invoices processed

As a client of STM you have access to our knowledgeable accounting professionals. When contacting your accountant, make sure you have all documentation ready, so that they can help you with any questions you might have. Our accounting staff is open and friendly and can answer many of your questions immediately.

Sometimes, if the question falls outside of their expertise, they may ask if they can contact you back once they have consulted with one of the other professional accountants on staff, or, with a CPA.